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We discuss our graphic design input when it comes to digital projects. Learn about our tools and what service we produce when designing your site.

Graphical Design

As a priority, we develop your website based upon the entire needs of your customers. All too often websites are made in reverse, looking at the requirements of the business instead which actually is to the detriment of the user’s experience and customers should always be coming first.

Our ethos is to bring what is the best digital experience possible to those classed as your customer. The service must be effortless in providing a simple to find and simple to buy platform, ideal in everything that they are looking for.

The focus is to also make them come back form more, a website is for life not a one-click and bail option. We are motivated in presenting the best services that enhance your business brand. Our team will also help you to recognise who your customers are, to understand their motivations are to use your business, and we build this entire digital experience based on these facets that will make their lives easier and simpler in the effort of purchasing your product.

What is XYZ Design?

At Lightboxdigital we use a design process called XYZ Design so that the product of our design is meaningful, reflects the user experience, and provides relevant content.

The core of XYZ is to incorporate the branding. By using aspects of the branding, product usability, design aesthetics and the functionality of the website allows for ease in navigation, product motivation and intent to buy.

The XYZ theory is all about the experience, journey, and efficiency of what the brand is all about and presented via a online web service.

Experience Design and its Importance

Way too many websites are built to meet the needs of the business and no the needs of the customers. Their intent to attract is somewhat lost in a mess of self-focus, rather than customer experience. What we do is put the customer first and use them to benefit the needs of the business.

We begin all digital projects like this, putting the customer wants, needs, motivations, goals and their intent first. It is where the money starts and stops. Unless a website understands what the customer really needs, the brand will be lost to who the audience are and it loses all appeal in your market.

Our XYZ Design will help consumers buy from your and they is why you should invest your interests with us, so we can do well together.

Why invest in XYZ Design?

You could be starting a whole new project or looking to revamp an existing one that is in need of updating. No matter the position of the project, by investing in you XYZ design, you will have improvement on the performance of your website and your mobile app which is another feature we can develop on.

We analyze data from your user-base and past market research and from this implement our experience. Your website will then be built on these key user data that details your audience’s personas, which drives their interests in using your website, thusly, improving the performance and driving up their interactions. This, will, in turn, produce healthier conversion rates which will impact the website’s Google status.

XYZ design and testing

Understanding how you online product needs to be designed and structured, so you can utilize the services to their maximum effect once in your own hands.

  • XYZ design workshop based on your digital project.
  • Analysing existing Google analytics data and understanding its meaning
  • Productive marketing research
  • User testing

These moves will give us better insight into any requirement to further update, implement, and improve the project at its existing state.

Developing User Stories

By using data gathering, we are able to apply workflow that will apply stories to each client’s persona. This will set out a map of their journeys which are based on their goal, motivations, and their needs.

This established a strong user portfolio that designers can use to better their interface and give a more tailored navigation across the digital products that feature on the website.

Content Hierarchy

Once the journeys of the users have been established, we will then establish the priorities belonging to each user. This allows us to form ideas and test the visual work and design. This will also be helped by the collective user data that was previously gathered.

The whole process allows us to create a hierarchy map of each webpage, enabling us to focus on the content which is deemed more important to the user. This will, in turn, help them to progress with their online journeys within the new domain built on their old data.

Call to Action

This is all about the drive to influence users with the right calls to action within their journey on the platform. This pushes then to continue using the site, enquire more on the products with social media engagement and to buy more.

This is all about learning to leave the customer be whilst using the site and not engage too soon like older sites would do. In resolution a good call to action could be a case of suggesting to view other services, or to find out more about us. Being as descriptive as possible will also be of benefit, just as long as the information is as short as possible. It’s all about getting the user to understand expectations from using the website.

The call to action is an ingredient that is vital to online conversion rates. It comes down to identifying the tone of each customer or persona that wishes to be communicated with. It is 100% engagement that leads to more selling of products, smart guidance without being overly fussy.

XYZ Design Implementation

Having mapped out the journeys of your online users we can establish a stronger content hierarchy through each journey stage. This helps us to correctly identify which calls to action to use at each stage. This integrates with the designing aesthetics that would come with each interaction to create a representation of the user’s journey.

Having a visual of the journey allows the team that analyses the journeys to question each stage before it is coded with new designs.

A/B Split Testing

XYZ design can allow for A/B testing and this will measure just how much of the new pages are designing platforms are used against the previous pages. This gives us further insight into the conversion rate and forms reports over a period of time once permanent implementation is made.

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